Session Info

My goal is to create beautiful, lasting portraits of your companion animals that will spark joy as you move through your day.

Before our portrait session

Your free 20-minute consultation call will give us a chance to get acquainted and plan the best way to capture your pet. We’ll talk about what makes your pet so special and what will help them be comfortable in front of the camera and show off their best self.

On the day of the shoot

It’s time to capture the raw material for your pet’s portraits! I’ll come equipped with treats and toys to get your pet’s attention. Don’t worry if your pet won’t sit or stay; I’m happy to follow them around and capture them being their natural, lovable self. If your pet has a favourite toy, game or special skill, I’d love to catch them in action.

After our session

I’ll work with the raw photos to create the final portraits. My editing process will really bring out the details of your pet’s expressions and bring their portraits to life.

The reveal

It’s time to see the finished portraits! We’ll sit down together to look at the images, and I’ll help you decide on the best way to display and preserve your favourites. Choose from a range of archival-quality displays that will allow you to incorporate your beautiful pet portraits into your life.

Let’s get the ball rolling with a no-obligation “Get Acquainted” call.